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DO Meter - Dissolved Oxygen meter - waterproof DO meter

This video explain Demonstration of waterproof DO meter in an aqueous Solution.

User friendly
Touch panel
Long Life

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Mobile - 8826276000
Yatherm Scientific : India's First Water Proof DO meter

HI9147 Dissolved Oxygen Meter for Aquaculture

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HI 9147 Portable Water Resistant Dissolved Oxygen Meter
surya shahi : no electrolyte solution how the error is
Gunawan Hadinegoro : can u recomendation instrument for all parameters in shrimp culture pond??
Alex Sabrekov : Hello. Can you say, is it ok to put a sensor in a water totally (with cable). In other words, is the connection between cable and sensor (or electrode) waterproof?
Paul Poullaidis : @Hanna Instruments, Inc. Why is the probe held over water at 100% saturation calibration? If you measure the oxygen of the air why does it need to be water close by? And if so, should the water close to the sensor be tap water or deionized water?
mostak ppml : how many price:?

Dissolved oxygen measurement

The oxygen concentration in a liquid can be measured using the amperometric or optical measurement principles. This video shows what it is about and how these measuring principles work.
carlosmunnier : THANKS
Mirkuz Erku : Thank you. What is the software used to make such animations?
mandapalli sivakumar : How to calculate Dissolved oxygen in mg/L using Galvanic DO probe sensor (mV output)?
mandapalli sivakumar : Excuse me sir.... what is the convension formula for output of DO sensor(current or voltage) to mg/L...?
Jayakumar : Great work thx a lot
Asif Bin Karim : what is the name of the sensor/actuator used in the system?
luxem shah : superb explanation!thanks!
Sheikh Adil : Thank uh for your valuable information
Abdelfattah Saad : It will be more useful if the video includes the subtitles
bách nguyễn : simple, brief but enough information. this video is very useful with me! thank u!


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